BusinessInquiry: Phone: (916) 532-1683
Product Questions: Phone: (916) 539-1939
BusinessInquiry: Phone: (916) 532-1683
Product Questions: Phone: (916) 539-1939

Purchasing Information and FAQ


All payments must be made in full before orders ship. We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal, Stripe, Venmo, Wire Transfer, Cash App, Transfer Wise (International Orders) and more. For payment methods not listed contact us for more information.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available from Grateful Candles for any dollar amount. Gift cards do not expire and can be used on any products. Please contact us directly for ordering gift cards. We offer both electronic and tangible gift cards.


We ship domestically and internationally. Shipping on all orders is FREE when the order is greater than $75.00 USD before tax. Free shipping only applies to domestic orders going to the US. Due to the heavy weight of our glass products we limit orders to a weight of 30 lbs (to qualify for free shipping). Please feel free to contact us for shipping quotes as we are flexible on ordering depending on the distance and weight. We are a small company and happy to accommodate within our means for your satisfaction.


All product sales are final.

Shipping Warranties

We package all our products with extreme care. We ship with Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS. We go above and beyond to make sure your package arrives safely. In the event of a product being broken during shipping, we require a detailed record of the account from the shipping provider, in conjunction with photos of the box, products, and packaging materials from the buyer. All damaged products will be handled through the insurance division of the shipping provider. We will document all communication for warranties. If new products need to be issued we will provide an RMA number, and attach this number to your purchase order. We will communicate with you directly regarding the replacement of your products. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.


Q: What are the candles made of?

A: Our candles are housed in a glass jar and are comprised of 100 soy wax as a base plus a 100 percent cotton wick. The scents are all based on essential oils, flowers, and all natural goodness.

Q: How long is the burn time of each candle?

A: Each 12 oz candle burns for 90 plus hours.

Q: What types of candles do you offer?

A: We have a large variety of candles which include: Energy Candles, Chakra Wood Wick Candles, Sage Candles, and Seasonal Candles. Our Energy Candles come with a blessed raw or polished stone or energy crystal which has been cleansed by a full moon for purity. Each candle comes with a description of the stones/crystals purpose for healing. Each stone/crystal is injected with love and healing intentions. The stones/crystals are placed on the top of the jar for easy removal and use. An affirmation card is also included to set the highest intentions for healing and wellness while the candle is burning. The Chakra Wood Wick Candles have Chakra Stones in the candle and come with a quote for a spiritual master. The Sage Candles have organic sage in the candle which burns with the wax. The Seasonal Candles are injected with an extra blast of essential oils to bring the holiday feelings and vibrations to life. All Grateful Candles are all injected with loving intentions and universal energy.

Q: What are the soaps made from?

A: All Grateful Candles soaps are made with Goats Milk or Shea Butter. The base material depends on the availability from the manufacturer and distribution company.

Q: What are the essential oil rollers, sprays, and oil products made from?

A: All Grateful Candles sprays and oils are made with 100 percent Certified Organic Non-GMO Essentials Oils. The major base oils include Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Argon Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and others.

Q: Are discounts available on orders?

A: We run sales, social media giveaways, and more often. Stay in touch with us on social media for the best access for sales and promotional offers.

Q: Can I buy Grateful Candles products in stores?

A: In select stores, yes. We will soon have a full list of stores on our website where our products are being sold. In the present moment, we are doing a lot of “Pop-Up” events each month at major stores. So far we have been featured in Lululemon, Nordstrom, West Elm and more. Stay in touch with us on social media to see dates and locations for Pop-Up events. In addition to stores, we also do several craft fairs each year. We would love to see you at an event!

Q: Do you offer wholesale and distribution pricing?

A: Yes. For more information on distribution and wholesale pricing please contact Kriss via email: or by phone at (916) 532 -1683.

Q: What is the shipping time on my order?

A: All products are made to order except candles. All candles are made at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for the candles to be highly potent. The longer a candle sits the stronger the smell. The order shipping time all depends on the destination of arrival. We ship all packages ground standard. Faster shipping methods are available at the expense of the buyer. Generally, packages arrive within 14 days.

Q: How are all products made?

A: All products are made the most all-natural ingredients we can find. We do not cut costs on ingredients because we are mindful of our health and the health of all our customers. We make all the products by hand and keep things simple. Less is always more.

Q: Are your products organic?

A: Yes, most are organic. The products that are not cannot be labeled as such because there is something in the product which (by the nature of the ingredient) renders it as inorganic. For example – all soap contains lye. Some companies label soap as organic but lye is not organic. Therefore, while 98% of our soap is made with all natural 100 organic Non-GMO products, we do not feel it is ethically right to label our soap as organic. Our mission is to be open honest and transparent about our products rather than misleading as health is about love and respect. We must respect and love our bodies, so we can love ourselves.

Q: If I live local can I pick up my purchases vs. ship?

A: Yes, we would love to meet you!

Q: Are these products safe for pets?

A: Yes. Truth be told our dogs eat our candles when we leave the house. They literally jump on the counters and eat the wax right out of the jar! Everything we make is extremely healthy. While we would not recommend eating a bar or soap or drinking the room spray you could. So, rest assured your animals will not only be fine, but they might even start to develop an addiction to what you buy. Keep an eye on those fur babies!

Q: How do I order?

A: By creating a profile and ordering online. By contacting us by phone/email and placing an order directly.

Q: Are Grateful Candles Medical Products?

No. All Grateful products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Grateful Candles does not advocate the ignorance of Western Medicine or allopathic treatments. Grateful Candles simply offers products which are holistic and can benefit the health of all users. No Grateful Candles products should be used as a replacement for medical treatment but can be used in addition to medical treatment for the purpose of spiritual and emotional balance.