Night Repair Serum


Night Repair Serum.  Helps With Fine Lines, Dark Circles & Acne

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    Regardless of our age or skin type, we all need a great moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated, protect against the environment, and help prevent irritation.

    When we wash our face, we often strip our skin of the natural oils (sebum).

    By using a face serum (natural oils blended with essential oils), we are replenishing the natural oils on our face.

    This serum is made with 100% organic oils and will make your face feel ten years younger in the morning.

    After washing your face before bed massage a few drops onto your face and neck. Wake up the next day wash your face and feel how immensely soft your skin is.

    A few of the oils in this serum are..

    Jojoba oil is deeply moisturizing, but it also has the ability to actually lock the moisture into the skin, so your skin continues to feel hydrated all day long. Jojoba oil also acts as a barrier and products your skin from external elements, and it’s anti-bacterial so it helps with acne.

    Rosehip Seed Oil repairs and regenerates the skin so it helps you look extra glowy. It also helps protect from the sun, is brightening and is also anti-aging. It’s an amazing oil.

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil It helps with wrinkles and fine lines as well as boosts water retention, so it helps give your skin that soft, dewy look. Also amazing at treating scars and even has an spf of 40.

    Lavender Essential Oil a million and one ways to use lavender, but for the skin it’s great because it helps fight acne and scarring, and the smell is calming and improves concentration.

    Geranium Essential Oil is wonderful because again, it’s one of those oils that helps with acne, but it also helps to balance hormones and emotions. It’s a great oil to round out the serum.

    Best used with our honey or charcoal face wash & Organic lip balm.

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