Organic Bath Bombs  1 items


All natural bath bombs made with organic ingredients. The perfect way to charge your bath with some amazing energy.

Each bath bomb is made with organic flowers and all organic essential oils! Plus they all come with a crystal inside for you to take with you or keep by your bath after!

This makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs more for their me time choose from different scents and stones:)

Rose Quartz is a love stone comes is a vanilla rose scent

Green moss agate is a luck helps aid depression comes in a grapefruit lemon scent 🍋

Amethyst is a calming stone helps with sleep comes in a lavender gardenia scent 🌺

Citrine is a abundance stone and comes is a Orange cream scent 🍊

Green Aventurine is a luck and anxiety stone and comes in an apple scent 🍎

If you would like a different stone with a different scent please message me I would love to custom make something for you I understand we all have different scents we like and try to meet everyone’s needs 🙂