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BusinessInquiry: Phone: (916) 532-1683
Product Questions: Phone: (916) 539-1939


Grateful Candles in a Nutshell

All Grateful Candles products and made and infused with love. Love is more than just a word or a feeling; love is an energy. Life is energy. When love is introduced in ones home, body, and life – amazing things happen!

Grateful Candles and Wellness Products Basic Information

All Grateful Candles and Wellness Products are handmade in Orangevale, CA. All products feature the highest-grade Certified Organic Non-GMO materials. All products are infused with universal energy and unconditional love. All products feature healing stones, energy crystals, organic flowers, and other highly vibrational elements from the Earth. The Grateful Candles ethos is all about connection, health, and wellness among all people in the collective human family. The products which do not feature 100 Percent Certified Organic Non-GMO Products are products which contain Non-Organic Materials such as soap (which includes Lye). To learn more about how we designate products as Organic, please contact us for full transparency.

Grateful Candles Backstory

Grateful Candles is a small but passionate company ran by Sara June and Kriss Walas. Grateful Candles manifested on a Saturday night (Fall 2017)

I have grown up loving all things candles.  One day while shopping for candles that had different energies tied to them i quickly realized that although these candles were beautiful didn’t smell much like anything.  As the creative soul i am i thought to myself i bet i could make something that had it all, good vibes, great energy and a great smell.

It is now 2019, and the Grateful Candles company has expanded from my  home and into the hearts, homes, offices, and stores of many. Grateful Candles has been featured in a large amount of California and Nevada craft fairs. My products are sold on several online stores. I have done Pop-Up events at Lululemon, Nordstrom, Life time Fitness and West Elm. Grateful Candles fan base is growing daily not just because of the way people feel when using These products, but more so because of the connectivity, I offer All my customers. Each person that buys from me i make a true connection and honestly each time feel i have made a new friend. A friend whom which align with our passion for wellness. Please make sure to follow my journey on Instagram @Grateful_Candles, as i am very active on this platform and always sharing product specials and showcasing new product releases.

The Person Behind Grateful Candles

SARA JUNE (Owner):

Sara is the creative force behind Grateful Candles and makes all products by hand using the best ingredients available on the market. Sara has a deep calling for energy and healing work. Sara has invested a tremendous amount of time into her growth in the realms of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Sara has always been a highly creative person. Sara is a professional photographer and has made living shooting weddings and family photos. Despite loving the craft of photography, Sara has always felt a higher calling to be of more service to the world. As Sara’s spiritual path deepened, Sara started to connect profoundly to crystals. Sara’s love for crystals fused with her passion for aromatherapy, baths, and overall wellness pushed her into the direction of creating a product line which Sara presumed would only be for her and her loved ones. Sara is a humble human and would have been very happy just making wellness products for a handful of people. Sara is still in a state of shock at the surreal reality that Grateful Candles is becoming a small cult following in her local community. As Sara grows as a human and connects more with her heart and higher self the Grateful Candles company will continue to expand with her. Sara loves cooking up new products and is honored to be serving others with her creations. Sara is deeply grateful for all your love and support!

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